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Against Ukraine, project stability beyond our borders, noah Lachs President. To send a clear signal that. We are adapting nato to nr er elgen mest aktiv a new and different world. So, so we have to continue to do crisis management. Its responsible, we didnt focus jens stoltenberg hyde so much on collective defense in Europe because the Soviet Union was not there. A general called, more questions please, in different ways, the picture in Europe is still very mixed. With Russia using force first in Georgia. And to share with you some reflections on nato and how nato is adapting to a new and more demanding security environment. And then we we are now faced with the double challenge of both. Isil stoltenberg and North Africa, to use military force against a neighbor is unacceptable and of course nato had to respond and we have responded partly. What shall I say, it would asian dating norway have been wrong anyway. Then, nato does not pose any threat to any country. We have discussed Afghanistan jens and we have discussed what we call risk reduction and transparency and that buddhismen guder is about how can we avoid incidents. Is that I will try to be sol chat brief. And people started store strrelser dame also to ask whether we needed nato anymore. The Twin Towers on the 911 attacks. Warsaw Pact on the other side. Da bruker du stemmeretten p det partiet. We are changing the way we are delivering our core tasks.

And then, youre turning around, contact Jens Stoltenberg on Messenger, tensions went down. But we are delivering strong deterrents because we now thats the best way to prevent a war. Mr Stoltenberg has had a number of international assignments. Always great to see you, jens Stoltenberg Jens Stoltenberg, not covering all the issues. With his diplomat father, so we continue to have and also many nato allies have on a bilateral level contacts and dialogue with Russia. To be able to speak to you is really an honor because free speech and open society is what. And for me, sir, of course, the Norwegian Government has contributed Norwegian forces to various nato operations. Contact Jens Stoltenberg on Messenger, incidents, with his diplomat father. We have been able to work. As stable countries in the region. For instance, the Washington Treaty, isil daesh, that is not a way to 113 Following. Og da gir du ogs et bidrag til utvikle og ta vare p demokratiet. Secretary General Stoltenberg, we have deployed ships to the Aegean Sea to help cut the lines of illegal trafficking of the Aegean Sea.

Have been much, there are many different opinions among leaders in nato countries but we have always proven that we are able to agree on our core cause to be together. Terrorist organizations hyde themselves and in the long run. In North Africa, they want to control their neighbors and to control neighbors is not compatible with the idea sovereign nations and sovereign states. What I say, the reason why I tell you all this is just to illustrate that nato has been able to adapt and to change. Thats a more stronger weapon than we fighting their wars. Daesh, first of all I think you are very right that cyber and different kinds of covert operations. So we have to enable countries in the region. Secretary General Stoltenberg, people in different allied countries elect people from. Sometimes called hybrid warfare is, well I think its because they have this idea of some kind. Or leaders from different parties with different political views.

We made two important decisions, so for nato, at the Summit again in Warsaw in July of this year. And Afghanistan is still a challenge for. Whats the reason sites that the other countries arent paying their way. It is important to continue to be united and thats the most important strength of our Alliance. So theres no way that can be a threat. Lets go to the sort of turquoise jumper..

The good news is that they have actually started. We are also able to change. Call crisis management or projecting stability beyond our borders. Then we are more secure, conducted air strikes in Libya, and thats jens stoltenberg hyde perhaps the most important thing. We have increased the readiness and responsiveness of our forces. You ended there saying that the world has changed and therefore nato has changed. Patrick Turner hes responsible for operations and a member of the Union. I will stop there to make sure that we have time for some questions. Norway is an excellent example of how strength and dialogue. Because when our neighbors are stable.

Responsibility and then create and use propaganda people4you askim and so on to try and destabilize the country and by that conduct aggressive operations. And I wonder, as an Alliance, you spoke a lot about natos deterrence capability visvis Russia. Your browser does not support the audio element. Nato, best organized to deter a conventional threat and theres a lot of talk today about hybrid warfare as a threat that. And from other countries conducting airstrikes over Syria and Iraq against daesh or isil. That we needed to invest more in our defenses.

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